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language and useful phrases
Dar Loughat


Lesson 2 - Studying

shkun ntina ? ana Jack     - Who are you? I’m Jack
shkun ntina ? ismi Jack     - Who are you? My name is Jack
shkun huwa? ismo Jack    - Who is he? His name is Jack
shkun hiya? Isma Tamara - Who is she? Her name is Tamara

ana Jack: ismi Jack             - I’m Jack: my name is Jack
ntina Jack: ismek Jack        - You ‘re Jack: your name is Jack
huwa Jack: ismo Jack         - He is Jack: his name is Jack
hiya Tamara: isma Tamara - She is Tamara: her name is Tamara


Examples to practice;

My name is Jack, I’m from London, I’m studying Arabic at Dar Loughat in Tetouan.
And this is Tamara, she is from Madrid, she is studying with me.
And this is Peter, he is from Amsterdam, he is also studying with me.

ismi Jack , ana men London, ka nqra el ‘arbiya f Dar loughat f Tetouan
we hadi isma Tamara, hiya men Madrid, ka tqra m’aya.
we hada Peter huwa men Amsterdam  hta huwa ka yqra m’aya.
Verb "qra"  in present tense (qra : to study)
ana ka nqra.
ntina ka tqra .
huwa ka yqra.
hiya ka tqra.

ana ka nqra f el medrasa  - I’ m studying at the school
ntina ka tqra f el ma’had   - You are studying at the institute
huwa ka yqra f el jami’a    - He is studying at the university
hiya ka tqra f  el Maghreb - She is studying in Morocco

the verb "qra" has also an other meaning: qra= to study/ to read

shenni ka tqra? Ana ka nqra ktab - what are you reading? I’m reading a book
shenni ka yqra Jack? Huwa ka yqra el jarida - what is Jack reading? Jack is reading a newspaper.
shenni ka tqra Tamara? Hiya ka tqra majalla - what is Tamara reading? She is reading a magazine

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