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Send us your tips

All of us that have visited to North Morocco and have enjoyed its beauty, explored her fascinating towns and villages and sampled it's tasty food and met some very friendly and helpful people, would have come away with masses of useful information that we could share with fellow travellers/visitors or property owners.

Many of us have shared information on various forums that have proved to be invaluable to others. A problem with forums is that the information can become lost after a while and you can end up trawling through all the forums trying to find the information you want. We aim to list all the information in categories so that visitors can access the information they require easily.

We would be very grateful if you send us your tips on places to eat, places to visit, things to see and do and also contact details of people that are useful such as plumbers, cleaners, people that provide property maintenance . We will then post them on our website and make it available for all. We hope this section will become an invaluable resource to everyone.

You do not need to fill out each section, just send us as much or as little as you would like to. Please try and be as descriptive as possible for example, if you are recommending a place to eat try and give directions on how to find it as well as the name of the restaurant (if you have it) and also why you are recommending it and what dishes are worth trying.

If pictures would help could you please send them to us via email at with a brief description so that we can place them in the correct section.

Many thanks for contributing and we hope that find this section just as useful.


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