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Travel and Transport


Getting to Morocco


International airports in Morocco include Tangier, Fes, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir.

Up until 2006 Royal Air Moroc, the countries national carrier, had the monopoly on flights to Morocco. In 2006 the 'Open Skies' agreement was signed as part of the Kings 'Vision 2010' to increase visitors to Morocco to 10 million per year, once agreed it opened up the routes to Morocco to major European airlines. Now prices have dropped and more and more routes are being established. Most international airports in Morocco have received major investment to expand and improve the facilities for passengers.

The north of Morocco is served by Tangier Airport that has direct flights from the UK from the national carrier Royal Air Moroc and it's cheaper low cost sister company Atlas Blue. It is also possible to find cheaper indirect flights with Easyjet (via Madrid or Paris) and Ryanair (via Brussels or Marseille).

There are also a number of other low cost airlines that fly from other countries in Europe to some of the major cities in Morocco these include;

  • Aigle Azur - (France)
  • Air Berlin - Agadir from cities in Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland
  • Condor - Flights to Tangier, Agadir and Marrakech from Germany
  • - Flights to Morocco from France, Belgium and Italy
  • Transavia - Flights to Morocco from Paris and Amsterdam
  • - Flights to Casablanca and Marrakech from Italy
  • Atlas Blue , Easyjet , Ryanair fly to Morocco from many European cities.

To search for cheap flights to Morocco we recommend using flight searching websites such as which is good for finding direct as well as indirect flights to Tangier and it also searches the low cost airlines. Another good websites worth trying are and Travelsupermarket

Internal Flights
There are a few companies that provide internal flights in Morocco and some venture a little further like Spain and Portugal, one such company is Regional Maroc as well as the national carrier Royal Air Moroc which provides internal flights to most of the regional airports in Morocco as well as their international flights.



The main two ports in Morocco that link up with Europe are Tangier and the Spanish enclave of Cueta (called Sebta in Morocco). These Moroccan ports are served by ferries from Algeciras (Spain), Tarifa (Spain) and Gibraltar. Ferries are frequent and the journey can be done in times as little as 45 min's.

The main ferry companies that travel between the Spanish mainland and Morocco are FRS, Acciona, Euroferries and Nautas. Tickets can be bought online from the ferry companies direct or on arrival at the port from the many agencies that operate at the ports.

Travel in Morocco
Car Hire
Car hire in Morocco is not cheap as compared with many tourist resorts in Europe, but is well worth the extra expense for the freedom it provides and allows you to explore this wonderful, beautiful and fascinating country.

Some of the major car rental companies have operations in Morocco including Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Sixt etc. To search for car rental from all the major car rental companies and book online click here.
Taxis normally come in two flavours. ‘Petite taxis’ and ‘Grand Taxis’.

Petite taxis (small taxi) are generally found in the towns and cities of Morocco and generally not allowed to leave the city boundaries and normally carry a maximum of 3 people. Ensure that they turn on their meter and if they say that it does not work then get another taxi. You will be surprised how quickly the meter will miraculously work.

Grand Taxis
are larger shared taxis, normally big old Mercedes or Peugeots cars and do not seem to have a maximum number of passengers as you will see when many Moroccan families squeeze themselves into the car. Prices are for the journey and negotiated with the driver and the price shared amongst the passengers, so therefore more passengers the cheaper it is. If you wish to have more room and stop the driver stopping on route to pick up more passengers then this needs to be negotiated at the start., but obviously this will increase the price.
taxi sign
Bus and Coach
Morocco has four main coach companies that serve most of the major cities in Morocco  - Supratours, CTM ,Satas and Trans Ghazala. Supratours and CTM provide a very efficient service with Supratours linking up with its subsidiary rail network ONCF. Satas operates mainly in the south whilst Trans Ghazala operates in the north.
City buses (buses that do not leave the city or local area) are not as modern and comfortable as their long distance cousins, but provide a good cheap service. It may sometimes be more convenient to catch a ‘petite taxi’ for travel around the town/city and a ‘grand taxi’ for journeys a bit further a field. (See taxis for more information)
red coach

Morocco is served by approximately a hundred stations across the national railway system run by the ONCF -Office National des Chemins de Fer du Maroc (National Office for Railways of Morocco). The network stretches for 1907km and has recently benefited from major investment in the trains and tracks producing faster more comfortable journeys. Areas that are not covered by its rail network are covered by it’s subsidiary air-conditioned, non smoking comfortable coach service called SUPRATOURS. As both services are run by the same company it is possible to purchase a combine rail and coach ticket, with the coaches stopping at every railway station, it provides a seamless integrated service. Prices are extremely cheap compared to European prices.

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